Sunday, March 30, 2008

Other pictures

None of these pictures fit in any of the other categories I could group the pictures into. They are just random shots from the past couple weeks.

Kaden got his first whole Oreo cookie yesterday. He LOVED it!This is what a baby that refuses to nap looks like:
For his birthday Kaden really needed new bath toys. Grandma/Grandpa Talbot and Aunt Amber/Uncle Bri got him several. When I put water in this toy, he started drinking from it like a fountain.
These wrinkly toes are the result of lots of fun bath toys!
I got my hair cut yesterday, and although this isn't a good picture, you get the point! I'll try to get a picture on a day when it's actually styled!
Super Great Aunt Debbie sent Kaden this tiger. He thinks it's a cat and LOVES it! He gives it ginormous kisses all the time (as seen in the picture). Playing in the sand with Marie.
I spent MONTHS trying to get Kaden to take a bottle and he always refused. Last week he saw Marie drinking her bottle and was very interested in it. So to distract him, I gave him his own bottle. He instantly started drinking water from it! Go figure...
Friends don't let friends drink alone. haha.
Kaden found a ladybug outside the other day. He was fascinated by it and chased it all over the deck. Eventually he picked it up and it dropped into the cracks between the boards... no more ladybug!

Another bump. Kaden was crawling around outside and I had to step inside to get something. He tried crawling underneath the swing that Quinn was in, needless to say it didn't work out as well as he had planned! He fell and hit his head on the ground! OUCH!

He found the plastic bag filled with straws and had a GREAT time with them!! He's sitting in front of the boot bench that I use to either block him in or out of the kitchen!

Water Table

One of the gifts Kaden got for his birthday was a water table. He loves this thing! It combines his love of water and the outside! Now I'll never get him to enjoy playing inside!

Towards the end of playing, I put his toes in the water. He instantly sat down!

He's officially ONE!

I know all parents say time flies with kids, but I now know how true that cliche truly is! It's amazing my baby is now a toddler. -- although with more crawling than toddling! He had his 1 year well-baby visit.

His stats:
18lbs 14 oz -- 10%
28.5 in -- 4%
and I don't remember the exact measurement, but his head circumference is at 50%--at least his brains are growing!

He is a small boy, but I guess with Matt & me being so small, that's to be expected! He knows between 10-15 words (some of his favorites are: duck, quack, dog, done, walk, sock, yes, cat), but still does not say mama or dada to Matt or I!!

We have been working more on learning Baby Sign. He signs more and all-done at appropriate times. Last night he started showing me "all done" (I figured he'd still be hungry). I offered him a drink, he turned his head. I offered him a bite, he took it and spit it out. Apparently the kid knows what he's doing!

His monthly pictures:

It's amazing that a year ago he was just a bit smaller than that bunny!! WOW!
This was Kaden at exactly 1 year old -- 1:36pm March 25, 2008.

After supper on his actual birthday, I gave him a cupcake. He actually took a few bites of the cupcake.

The zoo and birthday pictures

We had a small birthday party for Kaden the weekend before his birthday. He had lots of fun. It's amazing that he's 1 now--where did the year go!?! He had fun opening presents and playing with his friends.

His smash cake. He wasn't too interested in eating any of it, but had a great time playing in it!

The big people cake!

This is a picture of him and Colin -- Colin is a few weeks younger than Kaden.Opening presents with the help of Xavier (I taught school with his mom).
He thought it was so much fun putting this bag over his head.

A friend from my mom's group made him a #1 shirt!

Opening presents with Marie.

Several friends and family members have sent Kaden birthday presents, and he's loved every one of them! He loves opening the boxes, and especially loves pulling the tissue paper out! Here are a couple pictures of him opening the presents.

He kept trying to figure out how to work the pull toy.

We took Kaden to the zoo in Asheboro for his birthday. The weather was perfect and he had so much fun. He LOVED the ducks and would yell "duck, duck, duck" and "quack, quack, quack" at them. He also liked watching the monkeys and the fish. He got to ride on the Carousel with both Matt & I. He was EXHAUSTED by the end of the day and fell asleep on the tram ride to the car. Unfortunately when I was transferring the pictures, something happened and 3/4 of the day was deleted. These are a few of the ones the transferred correctly.


My parents came to visit us for Easter and Kaden's birthday. They got him a fun Easter basket, complete with his own chocolate bunny! Later in the day I hid plastic Easter eggs around the living room and Kaden found them. It took him awhile, but eventually he found them all!