Sunday, May 27, 2007

Our Happy Family

Here are some pictures that we took today before going to church. What a cute family we are! :-) It was a little bright in the sun per Kaden's preferences!

Kaden with Mommy.
Kaden with Daddy. (Daddy's little "mini-me" since Kaden looks so much like him.)

2 Months

Kaden turned 2 months old on Friday (or 9 weeks today, depending on how you keep track of his age!). These are pictures of him on the 25th. The first one is him with the same bunny that we use every month (you can look back at previous posts from month 1). The 2nd is him with a "2 month" sign in his bouncer.

Kaden smiling and talking with Mommy.

Kaden in his hat getting ready to go for a walk in his Baby Bjorn (front pack).

Kaden is "soooooo big"!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kaden's New Trick

Kaden learned how to roll over today! He's very happy that he has the ability to get himself out of tummy-time now and not have to wait for Mommy or Daddy to do it! Yeah, Kaden!

Can you believe how big he is already?!?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Pictures

Go Hawks!Holding his hands while he sleeps.

Kaden watching the camera.
Kaden pooped through his diaper so it seemed much easier to wash him in the sink instead of using wipes! He really enjoyed it.

One of Kaden's favorite toys. He will play with this toy all the time and smile and talk to it.

Reading books with Daddy.

Working on holding his head up during his daily tummy time.

Cuddling with Mommy.
Having a "stare-down" with his caterpillar toy during tummy-time.

"I think I can win..."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Changing Baby

Wow! What a difference a month can make! We were looking at pictures of Kaden taking a bath last week (when he was 6 weeks) and compared them to his bath pictures at 2 weeks. Look how different he looks, especially the amount of hair he's lost! We can't believe how much he changed. He also no longer needs the baby "hammock" in his bath and can hold his head steady without falling to the side.

More Visitors

I really like hanging out in my crib.
I was informed by my visitors this week that I'm not allowed to only support the Hawkeyes. Dana and Amy gave me this outfit so I could "represent" St. Louis. I decided that I could like the Cardinals, but support the Hawkeyes during football season.

We have realized that whenever Kaden makes a sign with one hand, the other hand is doing the exact same thing. While nursing the other day he was making this sign. He's very interested in his fingers and how they move and bend.
Dana and Amy came all the way from St. Louis to meet me! Dana thought I was a little boring at first, but after awhile I showed her how fun I could be. However, I never could convince her to change a dirty diaper--maybe next time!

"I will not fall asleep...I will not fall asleep...I will not....."

In order to get Kaden's handprint for his baby book and wall hanging, we had to wait until he was asleep. He slept through the entire process (thanks to the pacifier!).
Just one of the many pictures of Kaden being cute!

Kaden sleeping in his swing, one of the only places where he will nap during the day. However, at night he's gotten pretty good at sleeping in his bassinet -- he even slept for 3.5 hours in one chunk last night -- what a perfect Mother's Day gift!

Kaden really likes his new chair -- the Bumbo. It's designed to allow kids as young as 6 weeks to sit up. The chair is made of dense foam material. It's wonderful because we can put it on the kitchen counter while I cook, on the dining room table while we eat, etc. and he can sit up and watch what we are doing. He really likes the chair!

Enjoy the pictures from this week!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

More smiles and pictures of Kaden

"Ahh, come on, am I really the cutest baby you've ever seen?" -Kaden Weis "Okay, you're right, I am" - Kaden Weis
Deep in thought...

I really like this tongue thing that I found this week.

Mr. Bright Eyes

Smiling Kaden

Watch the video below of Kaden. He shows off his very cheesy smile, which was FINALLY caught on tape! :-) At first you'll hear him grunting -- a common sound heard from him at all hours of the day/night. After his smile you can hear him telling you all about his day. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Kaden's Week 5

Kaden will be 6 weeks this Sunday. These are some pictures of him during his 5th week. He is really growing! This week Kaden discovered his tongue and started smiling much more and at appropriate times. He is very happy in the mornings and will 'coo', 'ahh', and smile for over an hour. Today Kaden realized that he has these things called "thumbs". He was laying in his car seat with both thumbs making the thumbs-up sign. Then he would bend them halfway, then all the way down, and continued to do this for 5 minutes! Enjoy the pictures from this week! We are both enjoying Kaden SO much!!!

Look at how big I've gotten!!!

When Kaden was first born we would stick our tongues out at him and he would imitate us. It took him some time to figure out how to make his tongue look like ours. This week he figured out how to do it on his own! Now he will look at us and just keep sticking his tongue out, as if to say "Look! Now I can do it on my own!"

Cute feet and toes


Kaden was playing in his favorite gym and managed to get his hand through the link. He then kept moving his hand and watched how the toys moved.
Awake Kaden....

Asleep Kaden....

Kaden is just starting to fit into his 0-3 month old clothes. This is one of his summer outfits that he has. I was trying to see if it fit him yet, but took a picture because he was just so darn cute! He still has a bit of growing to do before it fits him, but he is working on it!
If Kaden has been awake for more than 2-2.5 hours, he becomes overly tired. When this happens he has such a hard time falling asleep and does his best job of fighting sleep. In this picture he is DETERMINED to not fall asleep. However, he lost :-). He eventually crashed on my lap.