Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Weekend

Kaden had a very busy weekend! He was visited by his Grandma Sherri and Aunt Nicole.
To start the weekend off, Kaden helped his Aunt Nicole celebrate her 17th birthday.

On Saturday it was very nice outside, so we ventured out for awhile. Kaden was looking pretty cool wearing his "wee-shades" and showing off his Iowa Hawkeye bib. We are teaching him at an early age to be a Hawkeye fan!!

Kaden was pretty tired by bedtime! This picture shows Kaden sound asleep.

This is Kaden's most favorite sleeping position -- lying on my stomach with his legs pulled under him! I'm sure he'd sleep for hours if I let him sleep like this at night! How he was ever able to fit his entire body inside of me a month ago I'll never know!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One Month

Kaden turned one month old today! He had his 4 week check-up today and everything is going really well. He now weighs 9 pounds and 1 ounce!! At this appointment Kaden got his Hep B shot; I learned that he is NOT a fan of shots and also learned that his lungs are fully developed as he screamed VERY loudly in the room!

I took a picture of him at 1 month, but as you can see, he could barely stay awake for me!

When Kaden was 1 week old we took his picture next his Easter bunny. I took his picture today (at 1 month) next to the same rabbit. You can see he has grown a bit! He still is wearing newborn-sized clothes, but is starting to fit into some of the 0-3 month old clothes that he owns!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Last 4 Weeks

We thought that we would start a blog to keep everyone updated on Kaden's progress and milestones and recent photos of him. He is doing great. He has recently started recognizing toys around him and likes to watch them. This is a picture of the first time he noticed there was something above him when he was in his swing.

When he is playing on his gym on the floor, he has figured out that if he moves his arm he can make the toys move. The other day we turned him and he kept trying to move his right arm (the one that usually makes the toys move) and obviously had no success since he should have been moving the left arm! It was quite cute!

Kaden met his Grandpa Bruce last weekend.

Before going to bed Kaden loves to read books. He is enjoying "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" with his mom. You will notice that Kaden has a pacifier...we really didn't want him to be a thumb-sucker so we gave him a pacifier. However, we have realized that Kaden is a very particular boy, and it took three different pacifier-styles before we found one to his liking!

This is a picture of Kaden peacefully sleeping in his crib. He will sleep in his crib for about 20 minutes to an hour, then wake up and realize no one is holding him! During the night he gets up about every 2 hours...because of this, Kaden and his mom have gotten very good at taking naps during the day!

This is a very good picture of Kaden during his awake time when he's alert. He's wearing a shirt for his Great Grandpa Talbot that recently turned 90 years old. We think he is starting to smile when he's happy, however, it could still just be gas-smiles and we're being hopeful!!

Kaden being smiley (or gassy...see comment from above!)

One of the times Kaden was asleep I decided to "pose" him for a picture! I often see professional photographs like the one below and wanted to get one of him like this.

Kaden's Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Roger came to visit and help out during Kaden's first week at home.