Saturday, August 25, 2007

Busy boy

Boy have I been busy the past couple weeks. Here are just a few of the things: ANOTHER baby has started coming to my house, so I have been getting to know her. I am also still practicing sitting-up and trying to roll from my back-belly (just a little bit). I am doing better at sleeping after my mommy lays me down and I no longer make her hold me the whole time--I even sleep in my crib! I am reading lots of books and playing with lots of toys during the day. I am eating more baby food---so far I've had applesauce, bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes, and green beans. They are all very tasty, except green beans---blah!!! And just yesterday I started teething---actually I've been trying to tell Mommy for awhile that I've been teething, but the tiny, PAINFUL, white part is just starting to show. It's my front left tooth Mommy says. Here are some pictures of me. The first toy is really fun...when I get really focused/determined to do something, I get a cute face that you can see in the third and fourth pictures.

This outfit makes me think about my Grandpa Bruce and Grandpa Paul and their farm---I can't wait to visit there when I can walk around and ride on the tractor! Grandpa Bruce has promised to take me.

More food...more food!
This is Marie. She doesn't even acknowledge me when she's busy playing, but I'm sure checking her out. I hope she doesn't decide to move in with us, I kinda like having my mommy to myself in the evening...I better keep my eye on her!
I love to read books!!!
My parents tell me I'm such a cutie!!

Daddy was actually home in time to eat one day so Mommy let him feed me.
Really, Mom? Are you sure he knows what he's doing?

I love toes!!

This is my favorite place to sleep!

Aren't I cute in the hat that my Super Great Aunt Debbie gave me??
I love my jumperoo!

Me and my mommy...we spend LOTS of time together!
I'm starting to learn how to drink out of a sippy cup. I'm not sure about the whole drinking out of a cup thing, but the spout is sure fun to chew on!
Here is a video of me trying green beans. Even though I've had them for almost a week, I still do not like them!! I bet if Mommy and Daddy would let me eat my Grandma Marge's green beans I'd like them! (Remember, some of you may have to click on the video 2 times to see it!)

5 months old!

Today I turned 5 months old---can you believe it?! My mommy says that I'm getting too old, but I'm just getting started! Here are my 5 month pictures. I'm really trying to sit up and move around, so Mom had a hard time taking some of the pictures, as you can tell! Just so you can see how much I've grown, there is also a picture from me at 1 day and 1 month! ....gotta love that breastmilk!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun week

Look what I did today! Mommy let me have my first attempt at "painting".

Really Mom, I can touch that?

Hmmm. I have to admit that I wasn't real sure about it at first....
So I thought I'd see what it was like with two hands. Things were going really well, so I decided to....
See what this "paint" stuff tasted like----yum, pretty good! (don't worry, it was just pudding!)
I'm having a great time Mom, can we do this everyday?
Pretty messy....
Wow, it feels even better on my toes!

Clean up time...
And look what I'm starting to learn how to do this week---

Just playing with my toys.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can you believe my Daddy?

Daddy has been super busy lately. Mommy and Daddy keep telling me it will all be worth it in 5 years from now; I try to tell them I don't even know what a year is, but they don't listen to me. Daddy is gone a lot during the day, and when he comes home he's always reading big books that don't even have any fun pictures in them, so I know he's just wasting his time. He gets to play doctor during the day, and says that I've helped him out a lot because now he knows what to do when the little babies come to the doctor. I'm very proud of him, but I miss him lots during the day. I get a huge smile on my face when I see him at night.

Right now Daddy has pretend "diabetes" for his class. He takes a pill two times a day and has to test his blood. You can see him below.

I hope he doesn't start practicing shots on me...

You'll have to look sideways on the video, but you'll get the point! Ouch!

Monday, August 6, 2007

More pictures--wow!

They've got me working again...type, type, type....
Knick, Knack, patty-whack, give your dog a bone.....hey wait, I changed my mind, give it back to me!!!!
This is how I help Mommy do laundry...
In my swing outside today.
Look at my fun new highchair toys--wow!!
Look at my sad face.

2 new discoveries

Saturday morning I made 2 huge discoveries
1) I have a voice.
2) It is great fun to pull my puppy dog's fur.

You can watch both of these discoveries in my video. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (Mommy and Daddy say I hurt their ears, but I think they're just playing with me!)

By the way---HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA KATHY. I tried to say that today, but all I got out was "haaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaa". Maybe next year! I love you!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Videos of me

Here are a couple recent videos of me. One is me trying some cantalope. I was very intrigued with it during dinner so my parents let me taste it -- I think I liked how cold it was! If only the rice/oatmeal cereal my mommy has been *trying* to give me tasted this good! The other video is me figuring out my pacifier. I have been able to take it out of my mouth for several weeks, but I am starting to figure out how to put it back in. I am a very curious boy (which might be why I like Curious George on TV so much---that cartoon makes me laugh a lot, but my parents are mean and don't let me watch it very often!).

I hope you like my videos! (Some of you might have to click on them 2 times to get them to play.)

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm back!

Yep, that's right, I'm back! The other day my mommy put me in my car seat (I told her I'd be understanding, as long as I wasn't in it long) and we went to a store and picked the camera up. Yep, it's fixed alright! My mommy has taken lots of pictures of me to make up for missed days. Because I'm only 4 months old, I had a hard time getting these in the right order. Mom says she'll explain how numbers work when I'm older---maybe around 10 or 11 months because I'm such a quick learner!

This is one of my favorite past times--holding my 2 legs up. I even try to do it in my sleep, but after I fall sound asleep they start to fall, which makes me startle and wake up. Mommy tries to hold them down when I'm going to sleep; someday she'll realize I quite stubborn and like to have things my way! She'll learn...

Sometimes I only hold 1 leg up if I'm feeling lazy.
Daddy and Mommy took me back to that Babies R Us place and switched my jumperoo. After setting up the last one, they researched them online and found out this one was better. I like that it has music and lights when I bounce. My favorite thing to do in it is suck on my fingers and look around. Someday I'll get around to jumping more, just you wait!

Mommy keeps trying to get me to sit up. I am getting better at it; I no longer fall sideways or forward instantly. Today I sat without the help of the boppy or anything! Mommy keeps telling me I'm growing up way too fast...just wait until I'm mobile!
Stroller rides really wear me out.
Mommy and Daddy put this really neat chair in our kitchen that I can sit in. Mommy usually puts me there when she's messing with pots and pans and opening cupboards (I can't WAIT until I can open those on my own!). After she's done messing around, her and Daddy sit at a table and eat this thing called food. I think I'd like to know more about this food thing...can someone please explain it to me more? My mommy and daddy are very selfish and never share it!
My favorite toy--Talbot! I can spend hours watching her play. I really like it when she jumps up and catches her frisbee. After she lets me pull her hair, we always give her a treat. I wanted to help out with the giving of treats. Talbot and I are going to be best friends someday!

Can you believe how cute I am!
Mommy thinks this picture is funny..
Another favorite toy of mine---my fingers! I have managed to get 4 fingers in my mouth at one time. Boy they taste good. If I'm tired, I usually grab my ear, spreading my slobber all over my face. Mommy and Daddy think I might be getting some teeth, but I think I just like my fingers.
This is a really fun toy that I play with during tummy time. I gave it a piece of my mind on this day...
Because I can roll from my tummy to my back, mommy thinks I should be able to roll the other way. She tries to get me to rollover by putting all my really fun and noisy toys to my side. She doesn't realize that I'm easily entertained and don't NEED those toys--I have my pacifier to play with! I really have no interest in rolling to my tummy right now.
I wonder how much I can fit in my mouth...
Daddy and Mommy spiked my hair like a mohawk. Oh the things I put up with to keep them happy.

Another bath picture, but this time Mommy was nice enough to cover me up with my ducky!
I love holding on to cold containers. Mommy says this is the influence of Dana visiting...
I am starting to move myself around. One day Mommy put me to sleep in the middle of the bassinet, and I turned myself.
I really love ribbons!! I can't wait until Christmas when I get to open presents!
Daddy and me in the rocking chair (I was asleep).
Mommy and me in my room getting ready for bed.