Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cuter by the week

I've continued to work on sitting up by myself this week. I'm getting really good at it.

My 2nd tooth has popped all the way through my gums, so now I'm The Amazing 2-tooth Wonder!

My stomach has been bothering me for a couple weeks, so my Mommy took me to the doctor last week. They took a picture of my belly and found out that I'm full of poop. And here Mommy says Daddy's the one that's full of crap (shh...don't tell my parents that I said the word crap!)! So now I'm eating lots of prunes, drinking prune juice, and taking Milk of Magnesia. Yum! At least it's cherry flavored. Mommy will have fun with these diapers!

My best friend and I
Because of I have 2 teeth, Mommy says she has to brush them. She told me if I didn't brush my teeth, she would dunk me!! Arggg....
Being cute in my jammies from my Super Great Aunt Debbie.
I love Curious George! And I even have a Curious George doll from my Great Grandma & Grandpa Kleckner. I'm so glad they knew I'd like Curious George!
Mommy & Daddy are getting me ready for cold weather. They were silly one night and dressed me up (yes, Mommy likes to pretend I'm a Barbie and try new outfits on me) when I was still in my PJs. I really like my hat though!
Because Daddy gets home kinda late some nights, I get to stay up later than my bedtime. I love it! Here's a picture of us on the couch. I think he's more tired that I am!
I love being like my Daddy! We're Mommy's favorite 2 men!
Smack---giving Mommy kisses!
I bet I can get you little red bird.....

Red bird legs for lunch for me, with a side of rainbow colored tail.
Smiling at Daddy.
Mommy caught me sucking my thumb the other day!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Couple More

As promised, here is a picture of me sitting. I can sit for several minutes by myself without help. Last week I had to use my hands to hold myself up, but now I can use my hands to play with my toys while sitting! Here's a picture of my Daddy and I in our scrubs!!

Me, Wonderful Me!

This past weekend my Daddy had guard in Charlotte so Mommy & I went along so we'd get to see him. I did pretty good on the drive--I only cried a bit, but that was because we got caught in traffic and it took us an extra hour and a half to get there! I got to stay in my first hotel room. I liked playing on the bed a lot!! In the first picture I'm having tummy time on the bed, in the second picture I'm playing with my toys, and in the third picture I'm watching cartoons...shhhh, don't tell my parents! But hey, it was Sunday morning and Sponge Bob was on, what's a kid to do!?

We went out to eat on Saturday night. My parents let me sit in a booster seat. I loved it! I was able to see the table and didn't have to be held the whole time! My parents liked getting to use both of their hands while eating, too! However, because I was sitting up high I got to see everything around me, so my Mommy had a hard time getting a good picture of me. This is as good as it gets people!

Yum! We also went out for ice cream while we were there and Mommy let me have a taste of hers! I loved it!!!

I'm starting to move myself around a bit, but I've only figured out how to go backwards. I can push myself backwards with my feet. My mommy put my under that toy on the right (with the green oval on the back) and went to fold laundry. When she came back, this is where I was!! She was shocked!! (By the way, I bet you all are impressed that I already know the color/shape of that green oval, huh!)

Just a cute picture of me after my bath. I love chewing on my fingers! Last week my 2nd tooth started coming in! This one was much more painful than the first and I fussed for a few days. Mommy told me she'd forgive me since I had a real reason to fuss instead of just fussing to fuss (as if I'd do that!)
I love drinking juice out of my cup, especially after we get back from a walk when it's really hot outside. Sometimes I just like to chew on the spout.
Well I outgrew my blue bathtub and Mommy has been trying to figure out how to bathe me. I can't sit up by myself for the entire length of a bath, so sitting wasn't an option. Mommy thinks it's gross to use the kitchen sink, so that wasn't an option. We got this bath ring to try out, but I really don't like being confined, so after I tried moving around and realized I couldn't, I got very mad. Now Mommy just lays me in the tub on my back and puts a couple washcloths behind my head to pad it. I love bath time now! I can splash and move around as I please!
Getting ready to go on a walk with Marie.

Here's a picture of my puppy-dog, Talbot, and I. We are really great friends. I like to pull her hair and she likes the treat she gets afterwards for being a good dog. I can see this relationship will work out fine!
For those of you that didn't see me in my baptism outfit, here I am! Mommy & Daddy didn't ever get a picture of just me in my outfit, so we took one the other day before I outgrow the outfit!

Going on a walk in the triple stroller with Quinn (middle) and Marie (in the back). I, of course, am in the front since I'm the oldest!

In my Jumperoo and Marie is watching me!
Well that's the end. I will try to put more pictures up in a week or so. I am really doing a great job sitting, so maybe Mommy will take a picture of me doing that. Like I said earlier, I'm working on getting my 2nd tooth so I will have to have my Mommy take a picture after both teeth are in!

Don't forget to post a comment so my Mommy can print it and put it in my baby book for me to read when I'm older! We love to know who's looking at the blog!

Friday, September 7, 2007


My cousin Kate is collecting Boxtops for her classroom. She LOVES school and would LOVE it if you could help her out by keeping boxtops from any items you may have. You can either mail them to me, and I will pass them on to her, or you can mail them directly to her (I can have my Mommy look up her address for you). So please start keeping those Boxtops and after you get a bunch, send them my way!!

Here is a picture of me with Kate from this summer when I was at my Grandpa Paul & Grandma Marge's house!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Visit from Uncle Bri & Aunt Amber!

My Uncle Bri, Aunt Amber, and Cousin Breck came to visit me over Labor Day weekend. I had a great time meeting them. We were very busy, and I've been really tired today!

Hmm...what's that, Uncle Bri?Let me get a closer look.

Ha, Ha, Breck---I have all the cool toys and you can't have them...
Me with Uncle Bri's glasses on
Aunt Amber & I.Uncle Bri & I.
Flying Kaden getting kisses from Aunt Amber!
And kisses from Cousin Breck.
Aunt Amber & I.