Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not feeling real well today

This week I got my first cold :-(! I woke up Saturday morning with a stuffy nose and it got worse during the day/night. I haven't been very happy today, so you should be pleased that I'm taking the time to update my blog! Any spelling errors are forgiven since I don't feel well. My mommy and daddy are taking good care of me by giving me Tylenol, water, and lots and lots of love!

Can you believe that I turned 7 months old this week!?!! Look how small the bunny is getting:
Now that I understand how fun some things can be, I didn't want to just sit back for a picture when there was a fun piece of paper sitting on my lap! It was great fun grabbing onto it!
Then my Mommy took it away so she could take the picture. I wasn't very pleased with her, and I let her know about it!
I got to play with Marie on the floor this week. She's almost as big as me, but she's 2.5 months younger than me!!Talbot and I. One day I was just sitting on the floor watching Curious George and she came and laid by me. I liked that!
If you remember months ago, I used to lay underneath this toy. Now I can sit up to play with it. It's one of my favorites!
In the swings with Marie.

My parents ate spaghetti this week for supper one night, so they let me play with the (cooled, obviously) noodles. I wasn't quite sure what to think at first...
but then I decided that it was pretty fun!

After I was done playing, I got to get naked and have a bath. I was too excited!
Today I got to decorate the pumpkin that I picked out last weekend at the pumpkin patch. I was pretty excited about that, too.Mommy and Daddy got some finger paint for me to use on my pumpkin because they said I'm just a bit too young to use a knife---at least for this year, maybe next year!
I had so much fun decorating my pumpkin!
My finished masterpiece:
After I was done with my pumpkin, we carved one of Mommy & Daddy's pumpkins. I got to play with the guts.

I tried to taste the guts, but Mommy intercepted me! Darn her!

So since Mommy wouldn't let me eat the guts, I decided to help Daddy clean out and carve the pumpkin.
Yeah! It's almost my first Halloween! I'm glad Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Roger got me a Halloween outfit to wear!Me with all the pumpkins outside our front door. Notice our carved pumpkin has two tiny bottom teeth, just like me!! Coincidence...I think not!

That's it for now folks...see you next week! Bye, Bye (okay, so I can't really wave good-bye yet, but doesn't it look like that's what I'm doing in this picture!)!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch & Hayride!

Today (Sunday) my parents took me to a pumpkin patch. We did lots of things while we were there. I saw ducks (which I really, really liked!), goats, chickens, and ponies. I also got to go down an 80' slide with Mommy. We got to go on a hayride and I picked out my very first pumpkin. Mommy, Daddy, and I had a wonderful time together!! Here are some pictures from our day. I hope you like them! I put a lot of pictures on here so it might take you awhile. If I just weren't so darn cute...

By the duck/fish pond with Daddy...
and with Mommy.
On the hayride with Daddy.
On the hayride with Mommy.
Playing with straw on the hayride.
This is a picture of the slide that I went on with Mommy.
The end of the slide. I really liked it, but the line was too long to go on it again.
Watching the ducks with Mommy.
and the ponies...
and the goats with Daddy.

Kicking the pumpkins.
Gotta take time out for a little snack!
Pumpkins all around!
Mommy's playing around with her photoshop!
Family shot!
Picking out my pumpkin....
and the grass.
Hmm..I think I'll see what this one tastes like.
Look at all my pumpkins!
Trying to pick up the pumpkin with the stem. I didn't have much luck.
Riding on a tractor with Daddy --- it was COMPLETELY the wrong color. I should have brought my green paint with me!

Riding the "cool bus" with my Daddy...
and my Mommy. Notice they let me drive already?!
Can you find me in the sign?
My parents are silly and wanted me to look like a horse.
Just a cute one!

Bubbles and Daddy

This week I played with bubbles and really liked them. I like to try to catch them and I like when they hit my face.

Daddy finished his surgery rotation on Friday and was home early. He got to spend the whole weekend with Mommy & I. We loved it!! I liked cuddling with Daddy on the couch!