Monday, April 28, 2008

Leesburg, VA

Here is a picture from Saturday when I met up with several moms from my mom's group. The babies were all (basically) born in March, unless some decided to make their arrival early.


Before and After

I got the swing out last night to get ready for Juliet to come today. Kaden was very interested in this "new" item and I let him try it out.


And for comparison, here he is almost exactly a year ago

Washington DC

I met some friends in Leesburg, VA on Saturday, and since we were already up there, Matt and I decided to go over to DC to at least get Kaden's picture in front of some of the major monuments. The weather was perfect and we all 3 had a great time. Kaden did so well in the car and being off his usual schedule. He barely napped all day and didn't get to bed until after 10 (he's usually asleep by 6:30). Here are some pictures of our trip.

Washington Monument



WWII Memorial

He loved the fountains! You can't wade in the water, but everyone had their feet in, so I let him do the same. He SO wanted to go off and swim!


Pointing to the fountain

Ducks in the reflection pool -- Kaden kept watching them and repeating "duck, duck, duck".. later in the day we saw some huge pigeons and Kaden still said "duck, duck, duck"


Fountain in front of the Reserve Bldg.


White House

Messy boy-- between being in the car 7 hours, playing at the food court/outside at the mall, then outside in DC, he was disgusting!

We let him play in the grass for awhile before sticking him in the car again. He LOVES being outside and anything to do with outside -- grass, sticks, dirt, etc. He also stood up on his own for the first time (without using any props). He is walking a lot more, especially today. He seems to now think about using walking as a means to get someplace instead of instantly crawling, or being encouraged by Matt or I to walk.



We checked into the hotel around 8. He was so good. He loved riding this cart and looked so much like toddler hanging on to the pole.

After checking-in, we went to Applebees for dinner (thanks Jacob & family!) since it was only 2 minutes away from the hotel. Kaden still did really well there (I was scared about how he'd do since it was way past his bedtime and he'd had such a long day). Then we got back to the hotel, he had a bath, then read stories before going to sleep.

Monday, April 14, 2008

1 year pictures

Here are Kaden's 1 year pictures. Enjoy!

1 year Montage

For Kaden's first birthday, I made a video montage for him. It's long (almost 40 minutes) but worth it!! It's filled with pictures and videos from his first year. Enjoy!! (be sure to leave a comment if you watch it!!) For now the screen size is going to cover some of his website, but after a new post is made, it should be fine!

Monkey Joes

Last weekend Matt and I took Kaden to a place called Monkey Joes. It had several of those big inflatable toys to play on. Kaden was really unsure at first. He was fine if he was in our arms, but was scared to be "alone" (even if we were right there). Eventually he relaxed and realized he was okay and enjoyed himself. By the end of our time there, he was laughing and giggling at everything. He would even go down the slides all by himself and laugh at the end. We all had a great time.

He really wasn't sure about this place at first....
but knew it must be safe in my arms.
Then I crawled away trying to play peek-a-boo with him, and this is what happened!

So we took him over to the little kid area so he could relax and acquaint himself.
Back to the inflatables -- he's still a bit clingy as you can see.
This is what finally opened him up and allowed him to enjoy it. He sat and went down this small "slide" for awhile with me. He also liked watching the kids going by him. By the time we got to the top of the big slide, he was laughing and having fun.
This was his favorite slide--- Matt or I would go first, then Kaden would come down on his own, then the other parent would follow. Kaden did so well sliding by himself and he always thought it was so funny when he'd watch us slide after him.

He was trying to climb up this slide.

Around the house

My friend Angela lives in the neighborhood and has a son, Colin, that's a few weeks younger than Kaden. She brought her 2 children over the other day when it was like 80 degrees outside. They had fun playing outside.

Kaden's started trying to figure out what fits inside what. I love picking up the toys and finding random things he's stuck (or at least tried to stick) inside another object. Apparently this water bottle didn't fit in the hole!
He really likes this Sesame Street book. He is able to push the buttons on his own which starts music and shows one of the characters. He likes it a lot, although in this picture he doesn't look real thrilled!

Some days - okay, most days - Kaden wakes up from his nap way earlier than he should. He's really afraid that he's missing out on something. For a few months he was taking 2 30-min naps. I could set my watch to it. The past 2 weeks I've taught him to put himself to sleep for naps, and the afternoon nap sometimes will even last 1 hour 30 min (or even more!). This is amazing! He woke up too early on this day and found Marie's paci laying on the floor. When I came around the corner to see him, he was sitting with her paci in upside down, holding his blankie, and watching Sesame Street.

disclaimer to Scott and Marjorie-- no worries, it was fully washed before Marie got it next!

Another tired day-- he pulled the pillow off the couch and laid down. He's so freaking cute all the time!And he knows it!

Another new favorite game-- he stands on one side of the door and looks through the glass at me. Then laughs when I peek my head around. He thinks this game is hilarious!
I started taking the 2 cushions off the love seat and making that couch more Kaden-sized. He loves being on the couch on his own!
300% boy! Kaden is really curious about getting into things these days as he explores everywhere. He was trying to get up on the couch, so he pushed this toy against the ottoman, then proceeded to try and climb it. Apparently it didn't work how he was hoping!I have been trying to finish up parts of Kaden's baby book. One of the pages is titled "you sleeping"..well I don't have many pictures of him sleeping in his crib because I'm always afraid it will wake him and I never want to take that chance! I took this one the other night after he went asleep. It's a bit blurry b/c I didn't use flash, but good enough!
Look - no hands! He's getting more and more brave with regards to letting go of things and taking off. He was standing next to Talbot, holding onto her, and decided to let go and walk to the ottoman. He almost made it!