Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More of Grandpa Bruce

Just some more from when Grandpa Bruce came to visit.

Kaden thought it was so much fun bouncing on Matt's knee---Marie wasn't too sure about it.
Feb 2008

April 2007
Kaden loves to paint!
He kept yelling at Grandpa Bruce to give him more paint (which was in the direction where he's looking/yelling!).

Outside time in his new sandbox. Mmmm...eating sand.
Knocking over sand towers with Matt.

Playing with Grandpa Bruce.

Kaden with his growing pal

As most of you know, I've been taking a picture of Kaden with this bunny since he was a week old (on Easter day last year). Look how big he's gotten!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Kaden shots & Grandpa Bruce's visit

Kaden's 1st Valentine's Day... he was very sick...can you tell?!We have a video baby monitor set up in our house. When I decided to start letting Kaden cry-it-out, I knew I couldn't do it without being able to see him. I LOVE the monitor. I took a picture of the video screen the other day when he was sitting up playing in his crib.
Balloon strings.
DIRT!!! Kaden found the flower pot the other day while exploring the backyard and fell in love with the dirt. What a boy.
Matt brought home a tootsie pop sucker from the hospital the other day. Kaden found it and put it in his mouth (with the wrapper on). So I took the wrapper off and let him suck on it. He LOVED it!! It was so cute seeing him actually sucking on a sucker...he already loves candy, he really is related to me!!
This how Kaden sits all the time when he's playing. I think it's adorable and love seeing his little feet sticking out from under him!
Grandpa Bruce came to visit Kaden this week/weekend. Kaden was excited to see he brought him early birthday presents. Lots of Curious George books and a Curious George doll. Kaden was excited.
Swinging at the park. It was really nice here on Saturday (sunny & 60) so we took advantage of it and showed Grandpa Bruce how Kaden plays at the playground.
Playing with Grandpa Bruce on the swings.

Talbot rarely gives Kaden kisses but when she does Kaden thinks it's funny.
Kaden was completely in awe of Talbot's tongue!!

I just can't get over how cute he is!
Kaden kept getting up on his knees to sit and play outside. He looks so tiny!Grandpa Bruce & Kaden.
Kaden got to open a couple more presents from Grandpa Bruce. We put a bow on his head and he couldn't figure out how to get it off. He kept grabbing at the hairs on the side of his head!
Grandpa Bruce, Grandpa Sherri, Aunt Nicole, and Uncle Mike had Grandpa Bruce find Kaden some outside toys for his birthday (more early presents). Kaden is so excited to finally have something to play with outside besides the dirt. He loved going up the slide and playing in the sandbox. Thank you Grandma Sherri, Grandpa Bruce, Aunt Nicole, & Uncle Mike--- I love you!
Trying to go up the slide.

Being a captain and driving the ship!! Reaching for the steering wheel. He was very unsure about standing in his snowsuit, so he decided he'd sit.
Getting ready to go down the slide....ready, set....
GO!! (with a little help from Grandpa Bruce)
Kaden wasn't quite sure what to think about the sand in the sandbox at first... look at his hands after he first touched it!
But then he decided it was okay to play with.
I got the idea to get those balls that they use in ball pits and put them in a laundry basket. Kaden now has his own little ball pit. He started sliding down in it and was instantly covered.
Then he realized how much fun it was to sit up and throw the balls out of the basket. He had a lot of fun, and I'm sure I'll be picking up 100 plastic balls every day now!
With the box from the slide, Matt and Grandpa Bruce made Kaden a tunnel. He loves it. Hours after we had been encouraging him to go through it he was crawling to Talbot and decided just to go through the box on his own! I guess we have a new decoration in our living room now!

Monday, February 18, 2008

No pictures...

No new pictures to share, but I did have to share some huge, exciting news about Kaden.......

...he slept through the night last night (Sunday night) for the first time EVER! He went to sleep at 6:20 and woke up at 6:10. Hopefully this is a new trend that he continues. At 5:20 when Matt got up to get ready, I told him Kaden hadn't woken up yet. He asked if he was still breathing!

*** I had to come back and edit this paragraph now that it's Tuesday morning. Kaden didn't do as well as Sunday night. He woke up at 4:00, cried for 3-4 min and I just left him. He then decided to play in his crib from 4-5! Guess he enjoyed the quiet play time.

Other news...

A friend from my mom's group is starting a business doing invitations. If you ever need anything done, I would really recommend her. Here is her website. You may notice a familiar face in some of her examples and Kaden was one of her models!! (one with black background at the beginning, one with light blue background towards the end, and another light green background at the end)


Saturday, February 16, 2008

From Mommy

Since it's after Kaden's bedtime and he's asleep, I thought I'd post for him. You'll have to excuse his lack of posting lately...he's been quite busy crawling everywhere and trying to get into everything.

It was really nice last weekend so we all went outside to play. Kaden loves to be thrown up in the air.

Our wonderful family!!!
Kaden's so funny. He loves to have items stuffed in his mouth. Here he is with his sock in his mouth, which he deliberately pulled off his foot and then proceeded to put it in his mouth. I'll often find him crawling away with a sock/blanket/toy/etc stuffed in his mouth. When I'm folding laundry, his favorite game is to stand up at the dryer and "help" me pull the clothes out. He usually puts the first item in his mouth, pulls a couple out onto the floor, then puts something else in his mouth. This continues until all the clothes are folded. He's so darn cute--I just love him so much!
Matt came home from on-call and was still in his scrubs. Kaden loved playing outside. He always wants to go outside. Whenever I open the back door to let Talbot out, he immediately stops what he's doing and crawls to the door. He gets mad when he doesn't make it in time!

Waving to me...
Look at how he got himself!! He's so smart at figuring out how to move himself to get where he wants to go. On this day, he decided he'd sit on the dinosaur's head to play.
I tried to get a picture of him and Marie sitting together, but every time I put him down and moved backwards really fast to get a picture, he'd start crawling after me. He thought it was a game. He's such a cutie!!!
We got a new backpack to carry Kaden in when we go for walks in the woods. He likes it. Not quite as much as the front pack, but I'm thinking it has something to do with having Matt's head in his view, instead of him being in the front.

We stopped at a playground while on our walk. He's getting to be such a boy now and loves to play. I can't believe he's big enough to play with these toys on his own now. Gosh...where did the time go?
He loves to walk with this toy. He's so smart. He will push the toy to where he wants to go, then walk around it to get to another item. Usually he pushes it to the triple stroller then walks along the stroller. He can't turn it, so when he gets stuck he just turns and stares at me. He is starting to figure out how to crawl to the other side and push it backwards.

Playing outside. One day he bent down and hit his head on the bricks. Now I put a fleece blanket over the bricks to protect his brains!
Typical boy getting into mischief!! He loves dirt, rocks, leaves, etc.

Doesn't he look like a big boy in this picture?
I love his smiles and giggles.
Enjoy the pictures! Sorry it's been so long. And sorry if there are's late and I'm tired!