Wednesday, June 13, 2007

(Almost) Naked Kaden

Kaden really enjoys not having any clothes on! In the mornings, he gets so excited when his PJs are off, then fusses a bit when I dress him. The same thing in the evening--when I take his clothes off for his bath he gets very excited, but then fusses a bit when I put his PJs on for the night. I think he keeps trying to tell me that he came into this world with no clothes on , and that's how he likes it!(Almost) Naked Kaden with Mommy.
(Almost) Naked Kaden with Daddy.

Outside Pictures

Today it was so nice outside that we decided to take Kaden outside to get some pictures. He was very cooperative!
"Hey, where'd my hat go? It's really bright out here!"
"Thanks, Daddy...these sunglasses really help, but I think my hat fit me a little better."
"I sure am glad that I brought my hands with me, I'm getting a little bored."
"Maybe I'll just take a little nap while I'm out here."
"You are seriously going to take more pictures of me? You've just got to be kidding!"
"Hi, Mommy! There, I smiled for you, can we be done now?"
"Hmm...I've never been here before."
"I guess I could decide that I like it outside."
"Well...maybe not! Mom and Dad, I'm done asking you nicely...put the camera away!"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Pictures finally

Since I haven't posted anything in a couple weeks, I have pictures attached from the past two weeks. We have been pretty busy here---me with Kaden (and teaching on Thursday and some of next week) and Matt with studying. Kaden is doing great -- he is constantly smiling, cooing, and talking. We love every moment of it!
Here is a picture of him talking in his carseat.

Ahh...look how big Kaden has gotten!! The 2nd picture is when he was just about a week old. Look how tiny he was in his carseat (you can compare him by looking at the yellow warning sign on the side on the "Chicco" name on the seat). The other picture was a week and a half ago. He no longer needs the newborn insert, or the head support!! He's such a big boy.

Look at this fun new toy! Matt thought he'd see how Kaden would do standing against the toy....

however, he decided he liked it this way much better!!

Kaden's newest discovery is his hands. He LOVES them! He will grasp them together, then instantly bring them to his mouth. Every morning he smiles when he sees he still has two hands. He discovered his right hand first, and then you can imagine his happiness when he found out he had TWO of these wonderful things!! He's yet to find his feet.

Here's a picture of the big boy sleeping on the couch... (don't worry, his Mommy was next to him the whole time except to take these pictures)
However, when you look at how big he is compared to the couch, you realize he's not quite as big as you think!