Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy life

I figured out the last time that I wrote my blog entry, that it's much easier to write about everything I'm doing and then give you all the pictures. So that's how I'm going to start doing it. Otherwise the sentences get all mixed up when the pictures are uploaded and it takes extra time to fix it. Now that I'm getting older and finding more fun things to play with, I just don't have that time to waste anymore!

I am figuring out that I'm getting quite tired of being stationary. I can now roll over both ways really well. I can turn myself 360 degrees while on my belly. I can tilt my head backwards while on my back and push with my feet--moving me backwards. I am really, really working on pulling myself up. This one is complicated, as I'm learning not everything is as sturdy as Mommy & Daddy's hands. I have tried to use many objects and toys, but either I fall or they collapse. The other day Talbot had her head near my lap for me to pet her and I decided to grab on to her head and try to stand that way. She was very patient and let me do it, but I still couldn't get to my feet. I also like playing in my walker toy in the kitchen while Mommy (or Daddy) cooks or cleans. The other day she was folding laundry and I thought I'd "help". You will see how innocent I look. I'm a very curious boy and I reach for EVERYTHING! Some things I can reach and then I put what I found in my mouth. I reached the cupboards when I was in the walker the other day. Good thing Mommy & Daddy have baby proofed our house.

A couple weeks ago my Mommy took me to see Santa and to do other fun holiday stuff outside a shopping complex. I got to ride on a train around the parking lot, see Santa, eat a cookie, and had a balloon character made for me. I love balloons a lot. The balloon man made me a puppy dog. I waited, and watched him, very patiently. I was so excited when I finally got it. I played with it so much that 10 minutes later it was starting to get destroyed. I didn't care. Last weekend I was in my carseat again and saw my balloon dog. It was a bit smaller, but I was still excited to see it again!

I am becoming quite the painter. Mommy lets me paint all time. I don't even try to eat the paint anymore. Well, not usually anyways.

I can't wait until I'm older so I can ask questions, but last week I became quite confused (or maybe my parents did) because they put a tree in our living room!! I have no idea why...I thought trees were outside objects. They never let me bring in sticks or grass or leaves or trees...maybe when I'm bigger they will let me. I watched them put the tree up and helped if I could. The tree has lights and I really like them. There is also a singing snowman under the tree that I like a lot. You will see a video of it. I like to grab the bells.

I am starting to eat more and more food. Mommy has started chopping some of the food her and Daddy are eating for me. I like this food a lot. The other day they had spaghetti and I really liked it. You will see in the video how excited I got for each bite. I'm good at remembering to chew my food, too, and don't gag/choke on it. I'm smart like that.

When we were on a walk the other day Mommy & I took a picture of our block of townhouses, and I thought I'd share with some of you that haven't seen our "house". I also shared some pictures of the fence that Daddy and Uncle Bri built. They did a really good job.

I really like playing with all my toys and books. The other day I was sitting by all the toys and decided to pull all the toys out. I would reach in the basket, pull out a toy, sometimes look at it, throw it down, and start over again by reaching back in the basket. Mommy thought I was really cute doing this. I had a great time and was drooling and breathing really hard after I was done! I also like playing with my friends Quinn and Marie. We are all three rolling everywhere and playing together.

I have a very fun toy that I play with in my highchair. It's green---you'll see it in the pictures. It has water in it that I can hit at and watch toys/bubbles move around. I like this toy a lot.

I'm starting to become quite a sensitive boy. If I am upset/scared/sad/mad/etc. I will cry. The other day Mommy took something away from me and I cried, so she got the camera. Then I saw the string on the camera and instantly forgot why I was crying and reached for the string. The other day Mommy & Daddy took me to a pet store to see animals. The scary, scary bunny frightened me. I cried. Mommy & Daddy said I was a wimp because bunnies aren't scary...I didn't believe them.

I have had a really, really bad cold the past week. It's hard for me to breathe and my nose runs all the time. I don't like when Mommy uses that thing to suck my nose out, but I try to be good when she does it. Mommy took last Friday off to care for me and only me. She held and cuddled me a lot that day, which I liked a lot! One night I woke up really upset so Daddy held me in the chair while I slept.

Well I've told you lots and lots about my last couple weeks. Like I said, I've been busy and active. Enjoy the pictures---there's lots of them for you! Mommy kept taking pictures of all the fun things I've been doing. We also got to hang out outside because it's been so nice out. It's been 80 degrees for lots of days. Is it summer again? These season things are confusing.

I'm trying to figure out how to use a sippy cup. However, I'm more interested in looking at the bottom of the cup than drinking what's inside. So when I tip the cup upside down, it drips, and I get wet. Look at my pants!

I love playing in the dirt and grass!
Emptying out the toy basket. I took every toy out of that basket!

playing with the bubbles with Quinn and Marie

trying to catch the bubbles
I love to chew on tags and strings. I found Daddy's sweatshirt string and decided to chew on it!

Daddy dressed up for work in his puppy dog tie. He thought the kids on pediatrics would like the dog tie!
The balloon man and I.

watching the balloon I got at the grocery store. They give them out every day.

Mommy was just being silly on Photoshop and made this picture of me.

Videos for the week:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Merry Early Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! Okay, I know it's early but my Mommy & Daddy just started telling me about Christmas and Santa and this wonderful thing called presents that I know I will be excited about!!

Today Mommy & I went to see Santa Claus. He was outside the grocery store. I sat on his lap and told him everything I would love to have at Christmas time. (because of course I've been a good boy). I gave him lots of choices to pick from so that way he could decide on his own what he wanted to give me, if he decided that I'd been good enough for these present things.

I thought I would share my list with you. You can click on the link below and it will take you to my list.

My Christmas Wish List:

My Wish List

or this, but I can't add it to my wish list:

A Big Boy chair just for me to sit in

Love, Kaden